Ultra Refined Fish Oil

Ultra refined fish oil products are the best kind on the market. Always look for “pharmaceutical grade, molecularly distilled” fish oil supplements.
These are the highest quality fish oil capsules available, which have undergone rigorous purification to remove all contaminants.
The sad fact is that fish, which was once a very healthy food to eat for our ancestors, can now be toxic because the vast majority of fish that live in Ocean waters accumulate pollutants such as mercury and PCB’s in their flesh.
Once healthy fish like salmon, halibut, mackeral, herring, cod, tuna, and the like can now pose dangers to people, which is why ultra refined fish oils are the safe bet.
Farm raised alternatives are not really any better, and the benefits of fish oil capsules should be sought first and foremost.
This is simply because farm raised fish almost never have any healthy Omega 3 fatty acids to offer us. They are fed an unnatural diet of pellet-food. Fish only have health promoting omega 3 fatty acids due to what they eat in the wild, such as algae.