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DHA Fish Oil

Benefit of Fish Oil Supplement

DHA fish oil is the most important kind you can buy. What we mean by this is simply that of the two types of Omega 3 fatty acids found in fish oil, DHA and EPA fish oil, DHA plays a more vital role in promoting good health.
There are scientific papers out there that explain why this is the case, and if you are so inclined, you may want to do some investigative work on your own. We try to keep our site as jargon free as possible so that lay people can easily understand our information.
But one revealing clue on why DHA is so important is because some experts say that more than half of the brain's mass is made up of fats and that of those fats, DHA comprises nearly a half!
In addition, low levels of DHA have been associated with various mental health conditions, such as depression and ADD.
Therefore, if you want the benefit of fish oil supplement, make sure you are using one high in DHA.
How to Find High Quality DHA Fish Oil
Finding a fish oil supplement high in DHA is a matter of looking at what kind of fish is doing used in the product.
Generally speaking, fattier fish that come from deep cold Ocean waters are better. Some of the better choices include: mackeral, herring, salmon.
One type of fish is especially high in DHA, called the Hoki. If you live in the Western world like we do, then you probably haven't heard of the Hoki because it is native to the Soutern coastal regions of New Zealand.
Out of my comparisons, for DHA fish oil, hoki was the best we've found.
Other important considerations if you want the benefit of fish oil is to only purchase what are called pharmaceutial grade, molecularly distilled fish oils.
The Food and Drug Administration advocates a limited consumption of fish, especially certain types of fish.
This is because of contaminants in fish due to the vast majority of the Ocean waters harboring pollutants. Such pollutants can accumulate in the flesh of the fish and transfer the dangerous mercury, PCB's, and other toxins to us when we eat them.
However, we know that fish oil itself is healthy for us because of the DHA fish oil and EPA it contains (in other words, the Omega 3's).
That's why molecular distillation is used, which is a process by which the fish oil is separated from the toxins. The pure oil is then turned into products.
It turns out that the Southern Oceans of New Zealand where the hoki live is one of the last pristine areas of the world, much more pristine than where you'd find herring, mackeral, and most salmon.
However, it's still important to buy only molecularly distilled DHA fish oil because it's not just mankind who causes pollution, but nature does as well. So the process of molecular distillation helps to remove all pollutants, whether man-made or nature produced.
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"Omega 3 fatty acids benefit the heart of healthy people, and those at high risk of -- or who have -- cardiovascular disease."

-- American Heart Association

On Sept 8th, 2004, the Food and Drug Administration issued a Press Release Announcing:

 "Qualified Health Claims for Omega-3 Fatty Acids"

In the FDA press release was this remark: 

"Coronary heart disease is a significant health problem that causes 500,000 deaths annually in the United States," said Dr. Lester M. Crawford, Acting FDA Commissioner. "This new qualified health claim for omega-3 fatty acids should help consumers as they work to improve their health by identifying foods that contain these important compounds."

An Alarming Omega 3 Fatty Acid Statistic:

Researchers believe the majority of Americans are deficient in Omega 3's.

Omega 3 Fatty Acid Fact:

DHA and EPA are two of the most important types of Omega 3's. DHA is especially important because the human brain is comprised of 60% fats, and approximately half of that fat is DHA.



Xtend-Life's Omega 3 Esters are the  Best Omega 3 Fish Oil we've uncovered to date.